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For: The best host families in Merida
We at ECORA Language Institute realize that where and whom you live with is the most important part of your experience and fundamental piece of the cultural and global training process of learning a new language.

Private Room
If you prefer to have your own space private rooms are available at several welcoming and warm host families in different parts of the city

Shared Room
This is an excellent option for students who would enjoy sharing experiences with a roommate in a friendly and warm host family environment.
About the families
Home stay housing Benefits
Living with a family will also allow you to see the city, learn how to get around, make friends, and practice your Spanish in an authentic environment while experiencing the real Mexican way of life. You will learn how to stop a bus like a Mexican and will know how to prepare “sopa de lima”, learn about day of the death or carnival directly from your Mexican family. No matter what their work schedule is, they will integrate you to their daily lives.

One of our representatives will be happy to answer all your questions. Contact us now at [email protected]

All families have something in common
Even though all the families have different ages, eating habits, number of members and hobbies they all share their interest in other cultures and languages.
Please contact us for additional information at [email protected]

The best family for you
All the families are carefully chosen, interviewed and visited. They also have to sign a contract and have excellent references to make sure you will be happy with them. Please contact us if you wish to know more. [email protected]

From the host family to school
All families live within walking distance or a short bus ride from ECORA Language Institute. Student transportation arrangement is also available upon request. Morning pick up and afternoon drop off at home. Contact us for more information at [email protected]


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