Inhabited by the Mayan before the arrival of the Spaniards, Merida was known as T´ho or Ichcanziho. It was founded by Don Francisco of Montejo “el Mozo”, on January 6th of 1542, marking the beginning of the colonial period for Merida.

If you want to know Merida start choosing a perspective, the future of the new urban and tourist development; the present represented in their modern infrastructure with spaces for entertainment and business or the past, the neighborhoods, the Historical Center and the Mayan World.

The city developed in the Main Square (Plaza Grande) is the reference of its history. The Historical Center has been carrying the prints of all its generation marked in the stone and the buildings that conform it. Through these elements we see the indigenous art in constructions like the Cathedral and the Montejo House; the colonial aesthetics in City Hall, the University and the churches. We can also admire the styles from the end and beginnings of XIX and XX century in the Government Palace and Jose Peon Contreras Theater.

Yucatan is tradition, simplicity, kindness, frankness, security, quality of life, but also strength and innovation to be projected in the new millennium, always offering the diversity and wealth; Yucatan it´s ready to face its future.


Merida has everything to be chosen as destination for business. The history, natural and cultural attractiveness and business meetings.

The Convention Center XXI Century, endowed with several exhibition rooms, press, cinema, and areas of services. In the same place you’ll find excellent conditions to commercial meetings, trade, national and international exhibitions. The most important hotels also offer rooms to organize such events, diversifying the offer of the city that can adapt to the visitor’s need.

This city has strong financial institutions, five stars hotels, comfortable and modern services of transport, technological systems of communication that maintain us in dynamic contact with the country and all around the world. In Merida you’ll find our people serviceable and always willing to assist the visitor and the investor.

This is a place highly profitable to settle down and to invest. The industrial park situated in the opposite side of the city: north and south; The Port of Progreso, ready and waiting for cruisers; the communication roads and technology allow Merida the maturity and disposition for their growth and consolidation as the place of more important development of the Mexican southeast.



Merida is very notorious for the activity of their markets and commercial centers which offer local and native products, with modern national and international articles.

You’ll find your favorite brands in elegant stores and boutiques in the city. Clothes, craft, jewelry, books, art, decoration, articles and products of any country, among many other things. You’ll find most of it walking trough street 60, visiting the Paseo de Montejo Avenue or in the malls.

The Yucatan’s capital has its own traditional markets wich exhibit the creativity from the local people. A variety of goods coming from villages around Merida take the place and combine them reflecting the artisan’s personality. Hammocs, textiles, dresses, embroideries, goldsmith, potrery and wood work preserve the artisan’s exclusive stamp that you’ll find in stores and markets or in the squares and parks of the Historical Center.


For the Meridano to cohabit and to share their city also means to narrate it, and it is made with kindness, and appealing to the representation and the setting in scene of their traditions and everyday life experiences.

The historical neighborhoods represent the history of Merida, it’s a way to look through past generations. During the week you can enjoy the traditional “jarana” and the regional theather.

But the tradition is also an encounter with a contemporary night party. Most of the 60th street, the Historical Center and the Paseo de Montejo avenue you’ll find the best restaurants and night clubs.

However, the entertainment and the amusement in the capital of Yucatan are so also art, regional and international culture. The Museum of Anthropology and History with their invaluable collection of prehispanic art, the theater Peon Contreras, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Cultural Center El Olimpo, among other places are exhibitors of artistic expressions of the present time: cinema, music, dances, scenic arts, painting, sculpture and photograph.


Merida has an excellent location and everything close to you. It is a destination of easy access to the world; earth, air and sea are perfectly taken advantage without neglecting anything of the privilege of being geographically in a fair place.

Yucatan has two international airports, Chichén Itza, in the municipality of Kahua and Merida which establishes domestic and international communication. The Mexican southeast, the rest of the country and Central America are connected by a wide net of highways, as the freeway to Cancun, Campeche and the Port of Progreso.

There are different ways to move to and from Merida to all the points of interest tourist or commercial, by sea, earth and air. Different roads to visit, different forms of staying.

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